Torque Ripple Analysis

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  1. 259 – Automatically Searching for Current Phase that Obtains Maximum Torque and Evaluating Torque Characteristics

    In this example, a search is performed for the current phase that maximizes torque for each of 3 rotor geometries. Motor average currents and torque ripples are evaluated using th…

  2. 191 – Torque Analysis of Three-Phase Induction Motors Accounting for the Skew Using the Multi-slice Method

    In this document, the multi-slice method is used to compare torque waveforms of a cage three-phase induction motor with and without skew, and is then used to verify the effects of…

  3. 180 – Analysis of SR Motor Dynamic Characteristics

    This example presents how to carry out an analysis with different switch timings to evaluate torque and current in SR motors.

  4. 39 – Torque Analysis of a Three Phase Induction Motor Accounting for the Skew

    This Application Note presents a comparison of the torque waveforms of three phase squirrel cage induction motors with and without torque, and introduces the effects of using skew…

  5. 6 – Analysis of the SR Motor Torque Ripple

    This Application Note explains how to carry out a torque analysis that changes the switch conversion timing and evaluate both the torque ripples and average torque in an SR motor.

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