Transient Magnetic (3D)

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  1. [JAC004] Sound Pressure Analysis of a Reactor

    This Application Note shows an example of an evaluation of a reactor’s sound pressure when a part of a spacer has been removed.

  2. [JAC002] Cogging Analysis of a PM Linear Motor

    This note presents how to obtain cogging torque, a cause of thrust variation, and evaluate the thrust force and attraction force during drive.

  3. [JAC001] Torque Characteristic Analysis of a Three Phase Induction Motor

    This Application Note introduces a case example of how to obtain the current density distribution of an auxiliary conductor and its rotation speed versus torque characteristics.

  4. [JAC009] Sound Pressure Analysis of a Loudspeaker

    This Application Note presents how the frequency characteristics of sound pressure can be obtained using the constant Lorenz force on the voice coil, regardless of the frequency.

  5. [JAC010] Thermal Analysis of a Radiant Heater

    This Application Note explains how to carry out a thermal analysis using the thermal radiation phenomenon between a heater and a heated body to obtain the differences in temperatu…

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