Alternator Three-dimensional Analysis that Incorporates Rectifier Circuit

Yuji Naruse,Masao Ichikawa,Atsuo Ishizuka, DENSO CORPORATION,NIPPON SOKEN,INC.


Automobiles are equipped with alternators to power auxiliary equipment and charge the battery. Generally, alternators cannot produce high power at low speeds. In line with the trend of slower idling speeds and increased auxiliary equipment in recent years, alternators are increasingly required to exert higher output performance even during idling.

The alternator being developed at Denso is a claw pole type, and three-dimensional analysis has been carried out using a model of simplified shape details. Similarly, power generation analysis has been a mere calculation of generated voltage without taking load of electric circuits into account.

This paper outlines a feasibility study of alternator output estimation carried out with JMAG, using CAD-generated shape data as is as a mesh and taking a diode-equipped rectifier circuit into account. The results appear to indicate that analysis of power generation amount is possible in this way. Planned for the future along with improvement of analysis precision is a quantitative research on the output characteristics that result from different shape details

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