Large Stroke Linear Oscillators based on Giant Magnetostrictive Material

Yoshio Mitsutake, Matsushita Electric Works,Ltd.


The giant magnetostrictive material (GMM) has some characteristics of very large strain of more than 1000ppm, high energy density, and high responsibility. So it is expected to be used for fine positioning device or braking system, and so on. Although GMM generates larger strain than usual magnetostrictive materials, the upper limit of strain generated by a GMM element of about 10mm length is μm order. Therefore the enlarging mechanism is necessary in order to realize the large stroke actuator whose stroke is mm order.
In this study, some kinds of large stroke linear oscillators based on GMM with the enlarging mechanism are proposed, and the effective magnetic circuit is investigated using the 3-D finite element method. The dynamic performances of prot-type actuators are evaluated.

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