Examination of a torque estimation method by using JMAG-RT.

Hajime Hida, Yoshio Tomigashi, Kenji Ueyama
SANYO Electric Co., Ltd., R&D H.Q., ECO Technology Research Center


A linked analysis between the control and magnetic field(motor) is utilized more in recent years as the demand for highly accurate simulation technology grows to evaluate the detailed behavior for motor control development aiming to produce highly functionalized products. In this report, we examine a motor torque estimation method by simulations that use JMAG-RT. First, we describe the differences of the JMAG-RT models used for simulations. Next, the validity of the JMAG-RT model is examined by the comparison with the FEM results that uses JMAG-Studio. In addition, we confirm the effectiveness of the torque estimation method that we propose with a simulation that uses the JMAG-RT model.

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