JMAG-Designer Case Studies and Issues for Magnetic Separators

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Takashi Watanabe, Nippon Magnetics, Inc.


Separators using magnetic force are used to remove magnetic foreign objects from within recycling metals or high purity raw materials. Our company newly designs magnetic circuits using electromagnets or permanent magnets to generate magnetic fields and utilizes these at the design stage to predict the functionality of such items as magnetic flux density distribution and attraction force. For a diverse range of models it has become simple for us to conduct analyses on a large portion of static magnetic fields. Elements such as motion of magnetic material affecting attraction force and thermal demagnetization or aging degradation of permanent magnets through heat generated by an electromagnet have not been fully analyzed using the static magnetic field (ST) and thermal analysis (HT) we implemented. However, we will report on the information required for designing that we had been able to obtain by tinkering with the phenomena modelization.

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