Magnetic field analysis of solenoid actuator using JMAG-Designer

Shoji Ishikawa
Motor Group, Motor & Control Technology Department, Advanced Technology R&D Center, Mitsubishi Electric Corp.


In the magnetic field analysis of Solenoid actuator by FEM, it is necessary to deform or regenerate mesh of air gap according to position of plunger because the air gap length changes as plunger moves. In general, accuracy decreases if analyzed with deformed mesh and transient analysis with regenerated mesh is impossible because it is difficult to link the mesh information between steps. JMAG-Designer provides two methods for these problems. One is Patch Mesh method. The mesh at air gap is generated automatically using the information of mesh of step before. The other is method using FEM and BEM. Magnetic field at air gap is calculated without mesh by BEM and magnetic field at other area by FEM. Therefore it is unnecessary to generate mesh of the air gap. In this presentation, I introduce the knowledge gained from magnetic field analysis of Solenoid actuator with these methods.

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