Thrust Analysis

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  1. 64 – Thrust Force Analysis of a Coreless Linear Motor

    In this example, explains how to obtain the thrust variations in a coreless linear motor when it is driven with a three-phase alternating current.

  2. Linear Motor & Eddy Current Brake Design For The Worlds First Hyperloop Test Track

    Arbi Gharakhani Siraki, Virgin Hyperloop One

  3. Optimal design and performance analysis of an ironless permanent-magnet linear motor (Chinese-only)

    Zwe-Lee Gaing, Kao-Yuan University

  4. Magnetic field analysis of solenoid actuator using JMAG-Designer

    Shoji Ishikawa, Mitsubishi Electric Corp.

  5. Development of Cylindrical Linear Motor for Lift-Motion

    Akihito Toyota, Yaskawa Electric Corporation

  6. 104 – Thrust Force Analysis of a Linear Induction Motor

    This Application Note presents how to obtain thrust force characteristics for a linear inductance motor.

  7. 65 – Static Thrust Analysis of a Voice Coil Motor

    This Application Note explains how to obtain the current characteristics and the translation position characteristics of the static thrust in a voice coil motor, which is a type o…

  8. Design of magnetic circuit on linear DC motor using by JMAG

    Hisashi Yajima,Hiroyuki Wakiwaka, SMC Corporation,Shinshu University

  9. New Practical Analysis of Actuators by 3-D Finite Element Method

    Yoshihiro Kawase, Gifu University

  10. Magnetic Field Analysis System Utilizing a Personal Computer

    Motomichi Ohto, Yaskawa Electric Corporation

  11. Magnetic Field Analysis of Linear Oscillatory Actuator

    Yoshio Tomigashi, SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.

  12. Analysis of a Liner Drive System

    Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

  13. Electromagnetic Field Analysis of a Surface Linear Motor

    Tokyo Metropolitan University

  14. Utilizing Analysis Technology for Industrial Linear Motors

    Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

  15. Electromagnetic Field Analysis of a Surface Motor

    Tokyo Metropolitan University

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