Coupled Thermal/Structural/Magnetic Field Analysis Using JMAG

Shinya Tanaka
Solution Division(Kawasaki) CAE Center Kurashiki Gr., JFE Techno-Research Corporation


It is important to predict the performance of electric machinery from the design stage to aim for high efficiency and performance. Estimating material properties as well as the effects of magnetic property degradation due to the processing/manufacturing process of core (iron core) in motor performance is indispensable, and there are many efforts of active research and development in both measurement and analysis. JFE Techno-Research runs analyses to get a grasp of magnetic properties and property degradation due to the processing and manufacturing process of the motor core.
This presentation will introduce magnetic property distribution analysis around the welding area of the stator core as an example of an analysis using JMAG. Weld processing that affects magnetic properties will also be accounted for through comparisons with actual measurement of model motors.

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