Applied Cases of Control Development and Verification for Motor HILS using JMAG-RT

Tomohiro Morita
Subaru Engineering Division HEV Design Department, Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.


One of the problems of the development process for control software is that the software challenges tend to be concentrated in the later stages of development, since the evaluation and verification of control software are performed after a hardware development.
ECU that controls motors and inverters must be prepared for the evaluation/verification of control software; however, frontloading the development process is possible by replacing the control object by the partial model utilizing model-based development environments such as JMAG-RT. From control evaluation in MILS as the initial stage of control development, JMAG-RT is used for software evaluation/verification with HILS and Rapid Prototype ECU as well as HILS and an actual ECU to decrease time spent on the evaluation/verification of actual motors. This essay will present applied cases of software development for JMAG-RT.

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