Practical Power Circuit Design of Power Electronics Equipment and Analysis Evaluation of Power Inductors

Tatsuya Hosotani
Device Center, Corporate Technology & Business Development Unit, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


As a practical circuit design for power electronics equipment, we report on the analysis and evaluation of power inductors that make up energy management systems.
Power magnetics are one of the most important components in power electronics, but it is difficult to optimally design and utilize them. Many converter circuit designers are not good at handling. The inductor as a component is evaluated by exciting it with sinusoidal voltages, but in an actual converter, the inductor is excited by square wave voltages to operate.
In this presentation, we analyze the power loss in the converter circuit and consider the practical calculation of iron losses in the inductor by comparing the developed square wave iron loss calculation method and the calorific value measurement method. Furthermore, using magnetic field simulation, we visualize the current and the magnetic flux, analyze the mechanism of the power losses such as the iron losses and the copper losses, and explain practical utilization techniques.

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