Motor Efficiency Improvement Toward New Energy Vehicle Drive Cycle based on Multi-objective Optimization Algorithm

Xiangrui Yin
New Energy Development Institute, E-Drive system Department, China FAW Group Co.,Ltd


Along with the increasing demand of driving range of EVs, the significance of working efficiency optimization of EV motors becomes more obvious. However, the personalized requirement for motor efficiency zone distribution varies from different vehicle types and cycle conditions. Therefore, this paper proposes an efficiency zone equivalence method based on China Light-duty Vehicle Test Cycle (CLTC), and equivalent classification is conducted for each zone through the ratio of energy efficiency. Typical points are derived to represent the whole energy efficiency condition and applied as optimization targets. Meanwhile, design of EV motors is a complex process with multiple parameters and objectives. This paper combines typical points and multi-objective optimization algorithm to optimize the working efficiency of EV motors, which greatly simplifies the optimization process and reduces the calculation time. This paper presents the whole optimization process and proves the effectiveness of the method through a design example.

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