Ultra-high Fidelity Hardware in the Loop (HIL) Simulation for EV Motor Drives with Seamless Integration with JMAG-RT

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Petar Gartner
Head of Electric Machine Modeling Group, Typhoon HIL, Inc
Ivan Celanovic
Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer, Typhoon HIL, Inc


In this talk we will demonstrate Typhoon HIL’s ultra-high fidelity power electronics and motor drive Hardware in the Loop (HIL) solution, including vertically integrated hardware and software, with seamless integration with JMAG RT machine models. We will demonstrate a typical workflow for the design, testing, and verification of Electric Vehicle (EV) drive train starting with JMAG FEA motor design, followed by seamless export of ultra-high fidelity spatial-harmonic Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine (PMSM) motor model from JMAG-RT into Typhoon HIL simulation environment. After demonstrating complete Software in the Loop (SIL) simulation capability we will demonstrate one-click export of the model into the Controller Hardware in the Loop (C-HIL) real-time simulation performed in the HIL404 simulator, Typhoon HIL’s latest 4th generation HIL platform interfaced with a real Engine Control Unit (ECU) in the loop. In addtion, we will showcase HIL interface towards the test automation software and also show XIL ASAM compliant API functions.

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