Topology Optimization of Electric Machines for E-mobility Applications

Bharadwaj Raghuraman, Shafigh Nategh
Electric Driveline,
Volvo Car Corporation


This presentation demonstrates the electrical machine design process using both the parametric and topology optimization methods for e-mobility application. The parametric optimization is used toward meeting performance requirements while keeping the product sustainability and efficiency targets, however, topology optimization is mainly employed to address NVH aspects of the designed electrical machine. The design process takes into account also control aspects required for more system optimization of the vehicle propulsion system. The considered case study for topology optimization is carried out on the rotor barrier design of the investigated traction motor with the aim of reducing the specific problematic tooth force orders, while keeping the other harmonic orders within the limit.
The design output of the topology optimization shows a significant reduction in the noise with minor impact on the traction motor performance, in the range of one percent.

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