Current Distribution Analysis

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  1. FDTD Calculations of Heating Characteristics of Thin Coaxial Antennas for Medical Treatments

    Kazuyuki Saito, Chiba University

  2. Electromagnetic Modelling in Teaching and Research Projects at the Unibersity of Auckland, New Zealand

    Dariusz Kacprzak, The University of Auckland

  3. 3D Design of Electrical Machines using JMAG-Studio

    Goran Nord, Hoganas AB

  4. Inductance simulation for Bus Bar

    Motomichi Ohto, Yaskawa Electric Corporation

  5. Demands for electromagnetic field analysis and problems specific to transformers

    Shigekazu Sakabe, Tabuchi Electric Co.,Ltd.

  6. Analysis of an induction-heating fusing unit using JMAG


  7. 61 – Current Distribution Analysis of a Choke Coil

    This Application Note explains a case example that obtains the current distribution in a choke coil.

  8. 140 – Analysis of Electromagnetic Repulsion Produced in Small Contact Bridges

    This Application Note presents the use of a magnetic field analysis to obtain the electromagnetic repulsion when a switch is closed, creating a contact bridge.

  9. 6 kW Axial Flux Motor Based on Soft Magnetic Composites for Hand Held Power Tools

    Cristofaro Pompermaier, Husqvarna Group

  10. Current Challenges and Future Solutions in Traction Motor Design for Electric Vehicles

    Bernd Cebulski, IAV GmbH

  11. 183 – Agitation Force Analysis of an Induction Furnace

    This analysis will evaluate the size of Lorentz force required to agitate and where this is generated.

  12. 185 – Analysis of Stray Loss in a Power Transformer

    This note obtains loss distribution for each component in drive condition and checks local overheating.

  13. 194 – Analysis of High-Speed Rotation Motors Accounting for Eddy Current

    Here we discuss the steps for accounting for eddy current loss occurring in the magnetic steel sheets during a magnetic field analysis, and then analyze the effects on torque.

  14. 211 – IPM Motor Wire Joule Loss Analysis

    In this example, evaluation of coil joule loss that includes eddy currents during motor rotation is introduced here.

  15. 232 – Reactor Joule Loss Analysis

    In this example, investigating Joule loss with respect to the positions of air gaps in a reactor is presented.

  16. 237 – AC Loss Analysis of an IPM Motor

    In this example, we introduce the case study that evaluates AC losses in coils of an IPM motor.

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