Parametric Analysis / Optimization

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  1. [JFT103] Performing Topology Optimization Using Density Method

    In this document, how to execute topology optimization using sensitivity analysis using JMAG is presented.

  2. [JFT065] Obtaining Part Face Area and How to Set Conditions

    This document explains how to set current values for a coil area.

  3. [JFT152] Output of Response Values Using Surrogate Models

    In this document, a macro is provided for quickly evaluating the results obtained by design parameter combinations using surrogate models. This document, as a workflow for paramet…

  4. [JFT146] Optimization Calculation Using Surrogate Models

    This document describes as the workflow for optimization calculations using surrogate models creating training data, creating the sample case, and using a surrogate model in runni…

  5. [JFT097] Optimization Execution Using Material Characteristics as Design Variables

    In this document, how to perform optimization with material characteristics used as design variables is presented.

  6. [JFT135] Distributed Execution of Topology Optimization Calculation Using SSH

    This document describes how to perform topology optimization calculations with the on/off method on a Linux remote machine via SSH.

  7. [JFT122] Executing Optimization Calculations Using Reduced Order Models

    This document describes the method for executing simple analysis and optimization using a reduced order model.

  8. [JFT131] Evaluating Degrees of Similarity for Geometry Using NGnet Weight

    This document describes a method where after executing topology optimization using NGnet, degrees of similarity for geometry from NGnet weight are evaluated.

  9. [JFT136] Sending SSH Settings to Remote Machines

    This document describes the method for sending SSH settings configured on local machines to remote machines for executing other case calculations.

  10. [JFT118] Distributed Processing for Parameter Optimization Calculations Using SSH

    This document describes a method for running optimization calculations with a Linux remote machine by using SSH.

  11. [JFT094] Parametric Analysis of Material Properties

    In this document a parametric analysis is carried out varying coefficients for an iron loss equation from case to case, and a procedure for obtaining Joule loss and hysteresis los…

  12. [JFT096] Performing Parametric Analysis Using an Analysis Parameter View

    In this document, how to perform parametric analysis using an analysis parameter view and how to check the results is presented.

  13. [JFT057] How to Run Topology Optimization

    This document describes how to run topology optimization using JMAG.

  14. [JFT076] Methods for Running Geometry Optimization Using Multiple Studies

    This document describes how to run geometry optimization using multiple studies.

  15. [JFT075] Procedure for Dimensional Multi-Objective Optimization Calculations

    This document describes the procedure for running multi-objective optimization calculations with dimensions as design variables and correlative evaluation items.

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