Linking Saber and JMAG for an integrated System Simulation Approach for Motor Drive Applications

Andre Jennert
Synopsys Inc.


In order to optimize motor drive systems in terms of cost, performance and quality engineers put an increasing focus on leveraging model based engineering methods to design these types of applications across diverse industries such as automotive, aerospace and other industrial areas. Utilizing a virtual prototype of the motor drive system helps uncover problems and optimize design performance before the first real hardware & software prototype of the system is built. This can save enormous cost and helps accelerating the overall engineering cycle to accomplish time to market requirements. In order to validate and verify all relevant key performance indicators of a motor drive system through a model based engineering approach it requires to assemble the whole system in a simulation environment including hardware elements such as electrical machine and power electronics drive stages as well as control algorithms which are usually implemented in software. The combination of the complementary solutions Saber, Synopsys’ solution for electrical system design, and JMAG, JSOL’s high fidelity motor modeling solution, enable engineers to manage this challenging verification task. This presentation will give an overview how Saber and JMAG can be jointly used, leveraging the recently developed new interface between both products, to simulate a complete electrical drive system.


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