[L-OP-26] Reducing License Costs for Multi-Case Calculations


A new license system has been implemented to lower license costs for multi-case calculations, such as parametric analyses, optimizations, and JMAG-RT model generation.
Design space exploration and creating a plant model (a physical model that is the control target in a system simulation) for MBD requires multi-case calculations that cover all combinations of numerous parameters and ranges. In some instances, over 1,000 cases must be calculated, increasing the calculation time by a significant amount.
Concurrent processing of multiple cases is effective in shortening calculation times. If you try to do this with regular licenses, it is necessary to prepare the same number of licenses as the cases, which is not realistic.
The power simulation license (PSL) consumes a license for each job. Multi-case calculations for a single objective, such as “JMAG-RT model generation” or “optimization” for a single model are considered a single calculation (one job) with this license.
PSL has the following features.

  • License costs are only 10%-20% of the cost of 100 regular licenses.
  • A single job can perform a maximum of 100 cases simultaneously.
  • A single job uses only one PSL license even when simultaneously calculating multiple cases.
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