[L-MU-07]Multiphysics Analysis by Linking with Specialized Tools

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Multiphysics analyses are effective for simultaneously evaluating and resolving issues such as structural intensity, heat generation, vibration, and noise issues at the magnet design stage for an electromechanical design. However, specialized analysis tools are often used for structural analysis, fluid analysis, magnetic field analysis, and thermal analysis. For a multiphysics analysis, these tools need to be linked to perform more detailed analysis. JMAG allows various styles of multiphysics analyses to be selected to suit tools owed by the user and the analysis target. For example, JMAG’s multiphysics analysis function can be used, and a two-way coupled analysis can also be easily performed by directly interfacing with Abaqus or STAR-CCM+. Operations to set up a coupled analysis can be performed very easily using the GUI. Even when not using a direct interface, physical amounts can be passed to other analysis tools as a file by using the multi-purpose file export tool.

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