[L-SE-163] High Performance Massive Case Calculations


To further improve the performance of electro-mechanical machine, which has many requirements, it is necessary to evaluate in detail many design factors or combinations, such as dimensions and drive conditions, starting from the existing design. The number of design parameters to consider ranges from 20 to 70, with hundreds to 10,000 combinations. At the same time, the above must be considered in a short period of time, as it must be within the design and development lead time. The total number of combinations of traction motor, auxiliary motor, and reactor were studied for each the performance of the framework, which calculates 100 cases simultaneously by using Power Simulation License, is shown in this report. A 63 to 76 times speed-up was obtained compared to the case-by-case sequential computation.

Design parameters No. of levels
Current amplitude (A) 30
Current phase (deg.) 18
Speed (rpm) 20
No. of cases 10,800

Fig.1 Traction motor model

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