Electrostatic/Time Harmonic Electric (3D)

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  1. Numerical Analytic Approach for Oil Immersed Transformer Electrical Insulation Design using JMAG CB Option

    Yuji Hayase, Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

  2. [JAC073] Analysis of the Capacitance of a Parallel Plate Capacitor

    This Application Note explains how to use JMAG to calculate the capacitance when the dielectric material is air and when it is a high permittivity material, while obtaining the am…

  3. [JFT009] Providing Tools Using Scripts – Capacitance Coefficient Calculations

    This document describes how to use the script for electrostatic capacitance coefficient calculations.

    • [JAC151] Insulation Evaluation Analysis of a Power Transformer

      In this example, how to obtain the electric field intensity distribution when a lightning strike or short circuit occurs and the assumed maximum voltage is applied to the winding.

    • [JAC250] Dielectric Heating Analysis of a High-Frequency Preheater with Roller Electrodes

      In this example, a use case is presented where the influence of the pitch of roller electrodes on the temperature distribution of a material (tablets) is evaluated.

    • [JAC249] Dielectric Heating Analysis of a High-Frequency Preheater with Parallel Plate Electrodes

      In this example, a use case evaluating the influence on the temperature distribution of materials (tablets) with and without auxiliary electrodes is presented.

    • [JAC197] Electric field distribution Analysis of a Electroplating

      This document introduces will introduce the electric field distribution in a model with the negative pole geometry facing the positive pole that is not parallel but slanted.

    • [JAC196] Analysis of coil stray capacitance

      This document introduces target on the helical coil, changes the distance between windings, and obtains stray capacitance that occurs in each coil.

    • Electric field analysis of the Tape Lapped Joint for power cable

      Takeo Matsui, Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.

    • [JAC131] Stray Capacitance Analysis of a Motor

      This note presents the use of analysis to obtain the stray capacitance between an IPM motor’s coil and stator core, between its rotor core and stator core, and between the inner a…

    • Behavior Analysis of Toner for Digital Photo Processing

      Masao Nakano, Canon Inc.

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