JMAG can optimize the design of a solenoid to maximize the force while minimizing the volume. This type of problem typically requires a realistic drive excitation. To accomplish this, JMAG can create a high fidelity solenoid model that can then be exported to a control/circuit simulation program. By using a precise plant model (JMAG-RT model), you can now apply a more realistic excitation to your circuit.

Evaluation Items

Cogging force, thrust force, attractive force, response, eddy current, residual magnetization, current control, induced voltage, efficiency, loss, heat generation, vibration and noise

Case Studies

Detailed Analysis of Solenoid Valves

This case study shows the electromagnetic force vector applied to the plunger when the valve is closed and the flow speed contour of the path in the valve.
As the plunger is attracted by electromagnetic force and the distance with the yoke becomes closer, the phenomenon of flow speed up is accurately simulated. By coupling and solving fluid force with the motion equation, in addition to electromagnetic force and spring force, we have simulated nonlinear response characteristics in detail.
Detailed Analysis of Solenoid Valves

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