2013 in Germany

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  1. Linking Saber and JMAG for an integrated System Simulation Approach for Motor Drive Applications

    Andre Jennert, Synopsys Inc.

  2. Simulation of acoustic noise induced by electromagnetic forces in claw-pole alternators

    Antoine Tan-Kim, VALEO EEM

    • Optimizing the Acoustic Performance of a Switched Reluctance Motor using a combined multi-physics & FEA simulation approach

      Koen Vansant, LMS International N.V

    • Simulation of a reduced size demonstrator of a direct drive PM wind generator used for loss measurement

      Dr.-Ing. Bogdan Funieru, Technische Universitat Darmstadt

    • Virtual Motor bench for high bandwidth ECU testing using JMAG-RT modeling approach on a FPGA chip

      Sebastien Cense, Opal-RT

    • Enhanced Simulation Quality for Electric Drives in Hardware-in-the-Loop Applications

      Bjoern Bobe, dSPACE GmbH

    • Development of electric motors in automotive applications using JMAG Software

      Mohamed Hadjali, Nidec motors & actuators

      • There are no presentation materials included. Investigation of Proximity Losses in a Permanent Magnet Machine for electric vehicles

        David Bauer, Robert Bosch GmbH

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