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  1. Large-scale numerical analysis of induction motors

    Makoto Matsushita, Toshiba Corporation

  2. Attraction force analysis of a solenoid valve and system control simulation

    Yusaku Suzuki, JSOL Corp.

  3. Magnetic field analysis of solenoid actuator using JMAG-Designer

    Shoji Ishikawa, Mitsubishi Electric Corp.

  4. Analysis of responsiveness of air pressure solenoid valves using JMAG-Designer

    Shinji Ito, CKD Corporation

  5. Study of SPM,IPM,IPM vernior Motor using JMAG-Experss

    Yasuhiro Kondo, Electric Motor and Electric Motor drive technology consulting

  6. A case of benchmarking of brushless motor using JMAG-Express

    Takayuki Ochiai, NSK Ltd.

  7. JMAG-RT as a tool in the development of EV/HEV powertrain components

    Markus Özbek, DENSO International Europe

    • Introduction to magnetic field design support system using JMAG

      Manabu Kawaji, AISIN SEIKI Co.,Ltd.

    • Design of switched reluctance motors considering manufacture impact

      Sheng-Yang Lin, CHINA STEEL CORPORATION / Min-Fu Hsieh, Electric Motor Technology Research Center

      • Demagnetization analysis of IPM motor with Dy diffused magnet using JMAG-Designer Ver.13.1

        Mitsutoshi Natsumeda, Hitachi Metals, Ltd.,

      • Multi-objective optimization with wide-range shape parametric design space for IPM motor

        Norio Tomiya, Aisin AW Co., Ltd.

      • GPU computing research initiatives of Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc.

        Yoshihiko Sunayama, Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc.

      • Large scale 3D electromagnetic field analysis for electric machine design

        Masayuki Hirayama, Yaskawa Electric Corporation

      • Fast numerical simulation of 3D electromagnetic analysis using HPC

        Masashi Inaba, DENSO CORPORATION

      • Analysis of brush motors by JMAG

        Naohiro Hashidume, NIDEC Corporation

      • Measurement of magnetic flux density on permanent magnet surfaces for IPM motor

        Hirohito Matsui, NIPPONSOKEN,LTD.

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