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  1. Development of the new motor for SPORT HYBRID i-DCD system for the Fit3 Hybrid

    Satoshi Shikata, Honda R&D Co., Ltd.

  2. High-precision iron loss analysis using JMAG

    Yuji Sato, Tabuchi Electric Co.,Ltd.

  3. Gap loss analysis of cut core inductor

    Takahiro Tera, DENSO CORPORATION

  4. Accuracy evaluation of litz wire resistance by using transformer analysis module

    Masato Kabetani, Toyota Industries Corporation

  5. JMAG’s responses to user proposals

    Takashi Yamada, JSOL Corp.

    • Power measurement technique for inverter and motor evaluation

      Eiichi Odaira, Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Corporation

    • Vibration problems in mechanical systems driven by electric motor

      Takanori Watanabe, NewtonWorks Corporation

      • Virtual motor-drive development & validation platform suite : SaberRD + JMAG-RT

        Kurt Mueller, Synopsys, Inc.

        • JMAG solution: Higher fidelity motor HILS of FPGA-based by model-based development

          Koji Fukusumi, dSPACE Japan K.K.

        • Motor control improved by using JMAG-RT

          Yoshihiko Ozaki, DSP Technology Co.,Ltd.

        • Model-based development of PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) control systems & NI Electric Motor Simulation Toolkit

          Yusuke Minami, National Instruments Japan Corporation

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