JMAG-RT as a tool in the development of EV/HEV powertrain components

Markus Özbek, Rafael Gries, Benjamin Cole
DENSO International Europe


JMAG is being used at DENSO for design of e-motors for hybrid and electric vehicle powertrain applications. The features in JMAG-RT have proven to be a valuable part of the development of e-motors as well as the corresponding inverter and control software.
The export functions of stationary and dynamic e-motor models in JMAG-RT allow design engineers to conduct system or vehicle level simulations with Matlab/Simulink in order to optimize the e-motor design for a given application.
Simulations in MiL-, SiL- and HiL-environments are possible with different objectives for example examining the thermal behavior of the e-motor or how active short-circuit may affect the vehicle dynamics.
Depending on objectives, stationary open-loop simulations, dynamic closed loop simulation as well as real-time highly dynamic simulations with spatial harmonics model are used in the different steps of the development cycle from requirements to testing and design validation.
With these features, the calibration and design validation time is reduced and customer support is enhanced by examining the requirements and the application of the component.

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