Application / Solutions

Model-Based Development

JMAG, which has a high track record in motor design, proposes a new workflow for model-based development.

Motor Design

Our accumulated knowledge and experience in motor design enables us to provide powerful yet easy to use simulation technologies.

Induction Heating

JMAG correctly reproduces and visualizes the induction-heating phenomenon that changes intricately, and realizes the optimal design for various purposes using induction heating.

Axial Gap Type Motor

Axial-gap motors use an axial magnetic flux to rotate a disc-shaped rotor and stator facing each other. New

JMAG’s Contribution to Vibration Analysis

JMAG accurately obtains electromagnetic and magnetostrictive forces, computes generated vibrations based on these forces, and further, obtains sound pressure distributions in surrounding areas.

JMAG’s Contribution to Thermal Design

Prediction of heat generation can be done with high accuracy, and measures against heat at the design stage can be taken.

Utilizing JMAG in Cloud Services

Evaluating motor geometries and configurations at system design allows efficient development with less rework.

JMAG Open Interface programs

JMAG provides an open interface for integration with other tools.
It can be used to develop integrated programs based on JMAG results.

Implementing JMAG

Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.

Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.

Based on the concept of “realizing a sustainable resource recycling society that leads to the future” the company continues to make technological advances looking ahead to the next 100 years.

Takao Kogyo Co., Ltd. / TKE Co., Ltd.

Since its establishment in 1974, Takao Kogyo Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing automotive parts, industrial machinery parts, EV(electric vehicle) parts, and precision machinery parts.


Established as a venture company originating from the Nagaoka University of Technology to “help people and companies who have problems with motors”