Axial Gap Type Motor

Axial-gap motors use an axial magnetic flux to rotate a disc-shaped rotor and stator facing each other. The advantage is that it can be constructed thinner than a radial-gap motor, and if properly designed, a high torque can be obtained relative to the magnetic flux density. The use of axial-gap motors expands to a wide variety of applications, including automobiles, and can meet market requirements with a design that takes advantage of its unique structure.

Axial Gap Type Motor

The JMAG Advantage

  • Fast 3D electromagnetic simulation
  • Mesh modeling that accurately captures short cogging torque periods
  • Geometry modeling to capture AC losses in coils and eddy current losses in magnets
  • Versatile material modeling function, such as evaluating core losses in soft magnetic composites
  • Efficiency mapping function that accounts for these detailed losses
  • Total evaluation can be made of the temperature rise due to loss and noise/vibration due to electromagnetic force

Case Study

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Sample Data

JMAG sample data for the examples used in the column contributed by Höganäs AB can also be downloaded from the Alvier Mechatronics website.

 Soft Magnetic Composite Application Examples – Single Sided Axial Flux Machines –

 Soft Magnetic Composite Application Examples – Double-Sided Axial Flux Machines –

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