Wireless Power Transfer

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  1. Electromagnetic Modelling in Teaching and Research Projects at the Unibersity of Auckland, New Zealand

    Dariusz Kacprzak, The University of Auckland

  2. [JAC086] Power Transmission Analysis of a Wireless Power Transfer System

    This Application Note presents how to obtain the power transmission efficiency when the feeder wire’s position is moved in both the horizontal and vertical directions from a refer…

  3. Efficiency improvement of non-contact power supply systems

    Hiroyasu Tomita, MURATA MACHINERY,LTD.

  4. [JAC139] Power Transmission Analysis Using Magnetic Resonance Phenomena

    This Application Note presents how to confirm the power transmission efficiency and the magnetic flux density distribution.

  5. Development and Performance Evaluation of a Contactless Inductive Power Supply (IPS) System for Electric-driven Vehicles

    Yushi Kamiya,Waseda University

  6. Electromagnetic design method of wireless charging coil mounted under a vehicle

    Hiroaki Yuasa, Nobuhiro Kibudera, BR Electric Vehicle・Charge System Development Dept, TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION, Norihito Kimura, Nippon Soken, Inc.

  7. Development of a wireless power transfer technology and electromagnetic field analysis

    Tomio Yasuda, New Technology Development Department, Technova Inc.

  8. Introduction to the Difference between Electromagnetic Induction and Magnetic Resonance Coupling

    Takehiro Imura, Department of Electrical Engineering & Information Systems, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo

  9. Magnetic Analysis for Wireless Power Transfer via Magnetic Resonant Coupling – Effect of Foreign Object –

    Takehiro Imura, The University of Tokyo

  10. [JAC196] Analysis of coil stray capacitance

    This document introduces target on the helical coil, changes the distance between windings, and obtains stray capacitance that occurs in each coil.

  11. [JAC199] Efficiency Analysis of Wireless Power Transfer via Electromagnetic Induction Method using Resonance Circuits

    This example presents, an electromagnetic induction-type wireless power supply system using an excitation circuit positioned with a parallel resonance condenser on the receiving e…

  12. Effects of the Aluminum Coil on the WPT System

    Atsushi Ogasahara, Tabuchi Electric co., ltd.

  13. Optimum Design of Wireless Power Transfer Coils for EVs Calculated by JMAG

    Toshiyuki Fujita, Technova Inc.

  14. [W-SE-73] Influence of Element Shapes Near the Coil on Convergence

    Mesh is essential for the accuracy and convergence of iterative calculations such as ICCG in the finite element method.

  15. Design of Three-Phase Wireless Power Transfer System with 12 Coils

    Daisuke Sato, Nagaoka Motor Development Co., Ltd.

  16. Development of a Wireless Power Transfer System for Railway Vehicles Using JMAG

    Keigo Ukita, Railway Technical Research Institute

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