Demagnetization Analysis

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  1. 225 – Induced Voltage Analysis of Memory Motor using Variable Magnetized Magnet

    OverviewAlong with the development of electric vehicles, demands are increasing for a balance in trade-offs between low speed-high torque and high speed within permanent magnet motors. For that reaso…

    13 Mar 2018

  2. 222 – Irreversible Thermal Demagnetization Analysis of Incompletely Magnetized Magnets

    OverviewMagnets are used in motors and display large variation in their properties verse temperature. For rare earth magnets at temperatures in the hundreds of degrees demagnetization can occur. Sinc…

  3. 188 – Thermal Demagnetization Analysis of IPM Motors Accounting for Coercive Force Distribution of Magnets

    OverviewThe purpose of this Application Note is to help JMAG users understand the steps and settings used in a JMAG analysis. It is intended to help those who are working with a new analysis target b…

    8 Mar 2018

  4. 128 – Structural Analysis of a Cantilever

    OverviewAs the importance of robust design in today's smaller and thinner electric devices continues to rise, so does the demand for ways of reducing vibration. In order to precisely evaluate an elec…

    27 Oct 2009

  5. 120 – Thermal Demagnetization Analysis of an SPM Motor

    OverviewExactly how to resolve the problem of rising temperatures is a vital issue when trying to achieve an improvement in a motor's efficiency and output. Among the materials used in a motor, the m…

    14 Apr 2009

  6. 34 – Demagnetization Analysis of an SPM Motor

    OverviewRare earth magnets has characteristics of large energy product, but decrease when using in an area exceeding a knee point causing irreversible demagnetization. For motors, the possibility of …

    12 Apr 2007

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