Electromagnetic Force Analysis

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  1. 254 – Vibration Analysis of Oil-Immersed Large Transformer

    This document introduces a case example of evaluating the vibrations of a large transformer. Parts that are usually the source of vibrations are the core, tank, and windings, but …

  2. 192 – Response Characteristics Analysis of Solenoid Valves Accounting for Residual Magnetization

    Here, we will discuss the steps to investigate the effect on responsiveness caused by residual magnetization generated in the magnetic materials, and look at case examples.

  3. 246 – Analysis of Electromagnetic Force Acting Between a Coil and a Magnet

    In this example, a use case in which the N-T-I characteristics for a single-phase synchronous motor are obtained is presented.

  4. 184 – Reactor Sound Pressure Analysis taking Magnetostriction into Account

    OverviewReactors are used in all sorts of systems related to power systems. For example, they fill the role of making the current pulsation between an inverter and a motor smoothe…

  5. 183 – Agitation Force Analysis of an Induction Furnace

    This analysis will evaluate the size of Lorentz force required to agitate and where this is generated.

  6. 152 – Electromagnetic Force Analysis of Short-circuited Power Transformer Coils

    OverviewA transformer is an electrical device that uses electromagnetic induction to convert the voltage level of alternating current power. Electromagnetic force is produced by t…

  7. 72 – Analysis of Attractive Force between Steel Plates and a Magnet

    OverviewMany electronic products that have movers use the attractive force generated between magnets and magnetic materials. Even magnetic materials that are not magnetized themse…

  8. 62 – Attractive Force Analysis of a Solenoid Valve

    OverviewSolenoid valves move their iron cores in a translational direction, and are used to adjust the inflow and outflow amounts of liquids and gasses. Running current through th…

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