Stress Analysis

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  1. 218 – High-Frequency Induction Hardening Analysis Accounting for Deformation

    In this example, using the JMAG magnetic field - thermal stress coupled analysis function, analysis is performed evaluating gear deformation from induction heat hardening.

  2. 223 – Multi-Objective Optimization of IPM Motors Considering Stress at High Rotation

    In this example, presented where a rotor geometry is designed by a multi-objective genetic algorithm with objective functions for torque characteristics (5,000 r/min) and for the …

  3. 142 – Press Fit Analysis of a Divided Core

    OverviewSmaller size and higher output are being demanded of the motors used for applications such as air conditioning compressors. One production technique for achieving this is …

  4. 208 – High Frequency Induction Hardening Analysis Accounting for Deformation (Abaqus Link)

    OverviewSince gears are products that demand mechanical intensity, high frequency induction hardening is run for surface heat treatment. Since induction hardening can rapidly heat…

  5. 198 – Bus Bar Thermal Stress Analysis

    OverviewCurrent is supplied via bus bars or wire bonding in power supply lines for power electronics devices such as inverters. Because inverters and similar devices operate with …

  6. 31 – Iron Loss Analysis of an SPM Motor Including the Effect of Press-fitting Stress

    OverviewThe laminated structure of a core in a SPM motor can be sustained using press-fitting or shrink fitting. The press-fitting stress needs to be accounted for in the iron los…

  7. 21 – Iron Loss Analysis of an SPM Motor Including the Effect of Shrink Fitting

    OverviewA magnetic steel sheet is used for the iron core in a motor. A frame is shrunk into a stator core in order to sustain the laminated structure and to improve the strong joi…

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