Development of Surface-wave Interferde Plasma Source Using JMAG-Works WV

Nobumasa Suzuki, Canon Inc.


High-density and low-temperature plasma, named surface-wave interfered plasma (SIP), which is suitable for advanced ULSI fabrication, was realized using a plane multi-slot antenna (PMA).
On the window surface the surface-wave introduced from a slot interferes with that from the adjacent slot to generate a standing surface-wave between the slots at the interval of a half wavelength of the surface-wave. The skin depth is as thin as 2 mm, so superior high-density plasma with high temperature is generated in the close region to the dielectric window and the high-density plasma bulk with low-temperature is sustained through the relaxation and the intrinsic diffusion of the generated plasma.
For uniform surface-wave field and plasma generation, the PMA parameters, which are the position, the direction and the length of the slots, and the diameter and the thickness of the dielectric window, were optimized using electromagnetic-field analysis with JMAG-Works WV.
KEYWORDS: ULSI, surface-wave,plasma, uniformation, electromagnetic-wave, analysis

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