Recent Analysis Method of Motors Using 3-D Finite Element Method

Yoshihiro kawase, Gifu University


Recently,th e electromagnetic field analysis is required for the optimum design.
This paper describes examples of electromagnetic field analysis by the 3-D finite element method. The dynamic characteristic of a stepping motor for wristwatch is analyzed. The magnetizing process using fue coils in the stator taking into account the discharge current of capacitor and the eddy currents in the silicon steel sheet are analyzed as example of interior permanent magnet motors. The characteristics (the torque and the losses) of an induction motor talking into account Y-connected circuit is analyzed. The exciting current and the torque of an axial gap-type motor are analyzed. The cogging torque characteristic of a flat-type permanent magnet motor is analyzed. The thrust characteristic of a linear induction motor is analyzed. The magnetic field of a micro turbine generator is analyzed.
Key words: Electromagnetic field analysis, 3-D finite element method, Stepping motor, Interior permanent magnet motor, Induction motor, Axial gap-type motor, Flat-type permanent magnet motor, Linear induction motor, Micro turbine generator.

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