Cogging Analysis

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  1. Development of Wireless in-wheel Motors with in-motion Charging

    Hiroshi Fujimoto, The University of Tokyo

  2. Low Oscillation Actuator for Force-controlled Medical Robot Arm

    Tetsuharu Fukushima, Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Inc.

  3. [JAC219] Axial Gap Motor Cogging Torque Analysis

    In this example, presents a case study to obtain the cogging torque in an axial flux motor.

  4. [JAC173] Basic Characteristic Analysis of an IPM Motor

    This Application Note demonstrates an analysis in which an IPM motor's cogging torque, torque, magnetic flux density distribution, and iron loss in the stator core are obtained.

  5. The Role of JMAG on Powertrain Development

    Albert Li, Gogoro Inc.

  6. Study on Robust Optimization Method for Cogging Torque Reduction Accounting for Manufacturing Errors of the Motor

    Tomoya Uchimura, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

  7. Development of Motors for SPORT HYBRID SH-AWD for New NSX

    Manabu Yazaki, Honda R&D Co., Ltd.

  8. Customer case: Computation of no-loadtorque for slotlessmachine withnon-cylindricalairgap

    Eduardo E. Montalvo-Ortiz, POWERSYS USA

  9. Characteristics Improvement of Skewed Permanent-magnet Motors

    Kenji Endo, SIM-Drive Corporation

  10. Study on Electromagnetic Vibration of Magnetic Gear

    Noboru Niguchi, Dept. of Adaptive Machine Systems/Graduate School of Engineering/Osaka University

  11. Utilizing JMAG Designer for 3D Magnetic Field Analysis Models

    Yuichi Yoshikawa, Home Appliances Company,Panasonic Corporation

  12. [JAC159] Sensitivity Analysis of Dimensional Tolerance in an SPM Motor

    This Application Note presents how to assume a dimensional tolerance of ±0.4 mm for a chamfer, and find out whether changing dimensions within the tolerance range has an effect on…

  13. [JAC124] Cogging Torque Analysis of an SPM Motor Accounting for Uneven Stator Diameter

    This Application Note presents how to obtain the cogging torque with and without uneven displacement in the stator teeth, based on the displacement obtained in an analysis of stre…

  14. [JAC080] Cogging Torque Analysis of an SPM Motor with Skewed Magnetization

    This Application Note presents the use of a magnetic field analysis to obtain the flux density distribution, cogging torque, and induced voltage of an SPM motor that has skewed ma…

  15. [JAC054] Analysis of the Cogging Force of a Moving Coil Linear Motor

    This Analysis Note explains how to obtain the magnetic flux density distribution and cogging in a moving coil linear motor with skew applied to its magnets.

  16. [JAC024] Cogging Torque Analysis of an SPM Motor with a Skewed Stator

    This note presents the use of magnetic field analysis to evaluate the cogging torque of an SPM motor with a skewed stator.

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