System Design and Component Design (Saber-JMAG’s Coupling to Revolutionize the Design Process): What Benefits does Model-Based Development have for Motor Designers?

Kurt Muller
Synopsys, Inc.
/ Takashi Yamada
JSOL Corp.


Model-based development (MBD) is attracting attention as a method of product development. Nobody can deny it is rational to have a flow that replaces composition element components with the appropriate model at the stage of system design and verification and performs a highly reliable design and verification. However, with MBD, component designers have to share their models with system designers, essentially involving them in system design. This creates the possibility of changing conventional component development and increasing workloads, creating problems not easy to accept. This is partly because benefits are not felt directly even if realizing that this is the best option for overall system development. On the other hand, there are fields where MBD is succeeding. In this presentation, We will discuss the value of MBD as seen from component development though a dialogue between Synopsis, which provides system design and verification tools starting with Saber, and JSOL, which provides the component design tool JMAG.

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