Case Study of Optimization by modeFRONTIER Using Linkage Function of JMAG with Solidworks (The Present Situation for the Process of Making the Workflow for Optimization)

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Masanori Ichino, MAHLE Electric Drives Japan Corporation


For the motor development, it has been necessary to design the electromagnetic circuit with the optimization software in the requirements trade-off.
CAD, CAE and the optimization software which is used for arrangement CAD and CAE are provided from different venders generally. It depends on the environment of users but it happens often.
In that situation, users sometimes need to take lots of time for solving the problem in the middle of the way to complete the workflow of the optimization. Especially, it is important to be able to control the dimensions of CAD model stably and easily.
I hope that venders would improve time reduction which users take time for the optimization through the introduction of the actual trouble cases in this presentation.

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