Measurement Technique for Magnetic Flux in a Motor Core under Operating Conditions

Yoshitaka Maeda
Motor System Lab. System & Electronics Engineering Dept. II, TOYOTA CENTRAL R&D LABS., INC.


Accurate evaluation of magnetic properties of a motor core under actual operating conditions is necessary for the design of efficient motors. To elucidate phenomena that occur in a motor core with high accuracy, we specifically examined visualization of the magnetic flux flow in the laminated core. To carry out this examination, we developed a measurement method using a three-dimensional magnetic flux sensor that is thinner than an electrical steel sheet. This sensor can be placed in the narrow space of laminated electrical steel sheets without disturbing the magnetic flux flow in the motor core, due to its thickness. In this presentation, we explain measuring method of the magnetic flux in the motor core by using developed magnetic sensor in operating condition. Moreover, we also show the compared results obtained from measurements and simulation.

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