Heat Balance of 90kW Class 50,000rpm SPM Motor for Rocket Engine Propellant Supply -Modeling by Linking JMAG-RT and AMESIM Software-

Mitsuru Shimagaki
Research Unit Ⅳ, Research and Development Directorate, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency


This research focuses on the cooling flow rate and supply pressure required to avoid burning due to the heat generation of a compact high-power high-speed motor used in an electric pump for supplying rocket engine propellants. At the 2019 JMAG Users Conference, the heat generation of each element of the motor was identified by inputting the material and thermal characteristics that occurred as a result of forced convention cooling into the JMAG-Designer thermal equivalent circuit. However, we were faced with the difficulty of grasping the state of the cooling medium other than the flow rate and supply pressure. We decided to input the motor information designed by JMAG into Siemens AMESIM to understand the cooling fluid characteristics and gain insight on the details as an electric pump model. In this presentation, we introduce an example of a model of JMAG-RT linked to the input of the motor model with the objective of simulating more probable heat generation. The AMESIM model linked to the JMAG-RT model resulted in a higher temperature rise caused by copper loss than the AMESIM model alone. This example shows that, by obtaining results that reflect the risks, we can understand the risk of burning and the demagnetization of motor elements and provide a way to evaluate and realize the feasibility of our electric pump.

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