Topology Optimization of SynRM using Gabor Filter

Yushi Kido
EV Advanced Development Department 1, EV Promotion Center,


The automotive industry is undergoing a once-in-a-century transformation, and electrification is accelerated at a rapid pace. The requirements for electric vehicle motors are diverse, and it is extremely difficult to find a structure that satisfies all the requirements. One method that has been attracting attention as a solution to this problem is topology optimization, which is expected to obtain new shapes that are difficult for engineers to conceive of.
The on/off method using NGnet, which has been included in JMAG for some time, can easily generate global shapes, but it is difficult to obtain minute shapes, and the flexibility of shape expression is limited.
We conducted a basic study of SynRM optimization by the on/off method using a Gabor filter, which is newly included in JMAG. We clarified the differences in the optimized shapes depending on the condition settings and conducted optimization also considering structural feasibility.

The Faster Analysis of the Axial Gap Motor using JMAG

The Faster Analysis of the Axial Gap Motor using JMAG

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