Synchronous Reluctance Motor

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  1. Topology Optimization of SynRM using Gabor Filter


  2. [JAC288] Synchronous Reluctance Motor Topology Optimization

    In this example, topology optimization is used to minimize the torque ripple and maximize the average torque when exploring the rotor geometry.

  3. [JAC265] Creating Synchronous Reluctance Motor Efficiency Maps

    In this example, the efficiency map of a synchronous reluctance motor is created with loss ratios at each operating point also evaluated.

  4. [RTML-042] SynRM_01 3-phase

    Type: SynRM | Max Power: 0.01(kW) | Stator(Outside Diameter): 150(mm) | Height: 37.5(mm) | Voltage/Current: DC288(V)/5(A) | Rotor/Mover: RM | Average torque: 0.8(N·m)

  5. [JAC231] Vector Control Simulation of a Synchronous Reluctance Motor

    In this example, circuit simulation is carried out simulating the control of current and speed by loading a JMAG-RT model for a SynRM into a control/circuit simulator. In addition…

  6. On the modeling, prediction and solutions for acoustic emission of Reluctance Machines (RM)

    Koen De Langhe, SIEMENS PLM Software

  7. Design and analysis of synchronous reluctance motors (Chinese-only)

    Min-Fu Hsieh, NCKU Electric Motor Technology Research Center

  8. [JAC082] Analysis of a Synchronous Reluctance Motor

    This Application Note presents an evaluation of torque variations that occur when the phase of a sinusoidal wave current is changed.

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