1 : JMAG-Ansys-Optimus Electromagnetic Field-Structure Analysis 2 : AI and PIDO Integration -Fast non-parametric shape optimisation-

Mio Hashiba
Data Science Dept. Engineering Div.,


Two themes will be presented on Optimus, which supports optimal design. The first is the introduction of a solution that uses Optimus as a platform and JMAG-Ansys to carry out electromagnetic field and structural analysis. The performance evaluation of EV motors requires consideration of multiple phenomena such as electromagnetic, thermal, vibration and noise, and connecting the gold-standard tools in each of these fields will promote development efficiency. The second theme will show how Optimus can be used to integrate surrogate AI models with Optimus, including fast non-parametric optimisation.

JMAG-Ansys-Optimus Electromagnetic Field-Structure Analysis

JMAG-Ansys-Optimus Electromagnetic Field-Structure Analysis

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