SIMBA, Reinventing Motor Drive Simulation

Ryoko Imamura


Simba is a modeling and simulation software for motor drive systems. With an intuitive and sleek interface, it helps engineers analyze and design complex systems. Simba’s unprecedented speed, accuracy, and simplicity allow engineers to minimize the simulation setup time and maximize the time for solving actual engineering problems.
Recently Simba has released two new major features; Spice-level detailed nonlinear switching device and JMAG-RT link. By combining these two features, detailed electromagnetic phenomena in machines such as the magnetic saturation, the spatial harmonics and iron losses can be easily considered in the inverter simulation while capturing voltage overshoot, electromagnetic interference, and other transient interactions.
In this presentation, first, we will review Simba’s profile and basic features. Then JMAG-RT link in Simba will be discussed while taking a traction motor model for EVs as an example (80kW 8poles 48 slots). In this part, the spatial harmonics analysis as well as the loss analysis from both the motor and the inverter are demonstrated. Subsequently, the advantage of using Simba’s Spice-level detailed nonlinear switch devices in the inverter modeling together with JMAG-RT models is explored further.

SIMBA, Reinventing Motor Drive Simulation

SIMBA, Reinventing Motor Drive Simulation

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