Eddy Current Analysis

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  1. Development of High power & High efficiency Motor for EV using magnetic field analysis.

    Takeshi Ikemi, NISSAN MOTOR CO.,LTD

  2. Magnetic Field Analysis of Parts of an Oil-Immersed Transformer Full-Scale Analysis Model

    Takayuki Suzuki, Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

  3. Electromagnetic Field Analysis for Smart Key Antenna

    Yuji Okada, AISIN SEIKI CO.,LTD

  4. Study of local heating on by IPB connection box and around metallic parts of large power transformer by 3-D Magnetic field analysis

    Hirokazu Hayashida,Japan AE Power Systems Corporation

  5. [JAC157] Analysis of Eddy Currents in an IPM Motor Using the Gap Flux Boundary

    This Application Note explains how to use the gap flux boundary condition to evaluate the eddy current loss in the magnet by changing the number of magnet divisions. This will mak…

  6. [JAC052] Inductance Analysis of a Sheet Coil Transformer

    This Application Note explains how to obtain the self-inductance and leakage inductance of a sheet coil transformer.

  7. [JAC046] Sensitivity Analysis of the Magnetization Pattern of an SMP Motor

    This Application Note presents the use of a magnetic field analysis to obtain the surface flux density for radial pattern, parallel anisotropic pattern, and polar anisotropy patte…

  8. [JAC101] AL-Value Current Characteristic Analysis of a Choke Coil

    This note presents the use of a magnetic field analysis to obtain the AL-value current properties of a choke coil.

  9. [JAC084] Electromagnetic Forming Analysis of a Tube

    This Application Note explains how to obtain the Lorentz force density distribution generated in a tube when current is run through a coil.

  10. [JAC100] Surface Heating Analysis of a Steel Plate

    This Application Note presents how to confirm the uniformity of the surface temperature distribution in the steel plate facing the coil and check for an eddy current loss density …

  11. [JAC048] High-Frequency Induction Heating Analysis of a Printer Roller

    This Application Note confirms the non-uniformity in temperature distribution produced by an assumed coil geometry, as well as the temperature elevation in each part caused by rot…

  12. [JAC083] Magnetic Shielding Analysis of an Induction Furnace

    This Application Note displays magnetic flux density distribution to evaluate the differences in magnetic flux with and without yokes.

  13. Evaluation of eddy current characteristic for applied high frequency voltage to the giant magnetrostrictive material

    Masayuki Sugasawa, Sony EMCS Corporation

  14. Finite Element Analysis of a Steering Rack Shaft Subjected to the High-Frequency Induction Hardening Process

    Manabu Fukumoto,Katsuhiko Kizawa,Kazuo Okamura,Atsuhiko Ohta, Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd/JTECT Corporation

  15. Numerical Magnetic Field Analysis in Electric Performance Calculation in Large Rotating Machines.

    Kazumasa Ide, Hitachi, Ltd.

  16. [JAC047] High-Frequency Induction Heating Analysis of a Crankshaft

    This Application Note shows an example of an evaluation performed by creating a numerical analysis model, analyzing the elevated temperature process, and seeing whether or not the…

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