N-T Characteristic Analysis / T-I Characteristic Analysis

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  1. Resent trend of the permanent magnet and the magnetic field analysis technology

    Mitsutoshi Natsumeda, Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

  2. Development of the In-wheel Multipolar SR motor for an Electric Vehicle based on Magnetic Circuit Method

    Kenji Nakamura, Tohoku University

  3. The Axial Air Gap Permanent Magnet Motor for Air Conditioners


  4. 1 – Torque Characteristic Analysis of a Three Phase Induction Motor

    This Application Note introduces a case example of how to obtain the current density distribution of an auxiliary conductor and its rotation speed versus torque characteristics.

  5. 3 – Analysis of a Permanent Magnet Brush Motor

    This document introduces how the characteristics of the brush-type PM motor can be obtained, including torque versus current (T-I), torque versus speed (T-N), and magnetic flux de…

  6. Practical Use of Connected Electro-circuit Simulation with Electromagnetic Analysis in the Development of Robot Actuator

    Takeo Kishida, Sony Corporation

  7. Simulation of Performance Test fo Direct Gurrent Brush-less Motor by FEM

    Aoki Koushi, MITSUBA Corporation

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