How to ensure electric drives efficiency and cooling performance while maintaining NVH targets



日時 中央欧州時間 2021年3月23日(水)10:00 AM – 11:00 AM CET
日本時間 2021年3月23日(水) 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM JST
場所 WEB上(Zoom)


Webinar Agenda:
• Loss and Electromagnetic force calculations in JMAG
• Cooling performance and design modifications in scFLOW
• Noise and Vibrations analysis in Romax Spectrum

With 40% of market share in eMobility sector, electric motors are facing a double-digit increase of 28%.
This is not only due to higher demand in Hybrid or full Electric vehicles, but also related to the choice of the powertrain architectures by the OEM’s as one up to four emotors per vehicle can be used.

Adding weight is more energy consuming and improvement of the efficiency is therefore crucial. So as to cope with those new challenges, more complex assemblies of electric drives including the emotors inside in the gearbox are blooming on the market with below focus:
– Improve power and reducing losses (Electrical, Electromagnetical or mechanical ones)
– Determine optimal operational temperatures to keep insulation and magnetization working properly
– Elaborate new cooling systems with the best fluid to use
– Manage noise & vibration
– Handle friction reduction
– Optimize torque

Join us to discover how you can leverage on JMAG, scFLOW, Actran and Romax Spectrum in an efficient process to cope with these challenges.