[L-MO-77] Motor Concept Design with JMAG-Express and JMAG-RT Viewer


Within upstream system designs in a development process, elements that satisfy motor requirements are all roughly determined. This includes the rotor type, the number of poles, the number of slots, the number of coils, and the rotor diameter, etc. Design has typically been conducted based on experience and rules, but it is possible to explore a wider range of design spaces with considerable speed through a liberal use of simulations.
JMAG-Express is a motor design tool that instantly calculates unique motor characteristics in order to output design specifications to meet design requirements. As it uses the finite element method as a base, it is possible to account for detailed motor shapes and magnetic saturation at periods of high load.
Proposed designs obtained with JMAG-Express can be incorporated seamlessly into JMAG-RT Viewer as JMAG-RT models (plant models), and efficiency maps can be rendered that account for inverter ratings and control methods.

Fig. 1 Motor design using JMAG-Express

Fig. 1 Motor design using JMAG-Express
The motor in the diagram on the left has its torque from a parametric study of the current phase output and displayed in the diagram on the right, which also indicates required specifications via the orange-colored line.

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