[L-MO-89]JMAG-Express Motor Design Tool


JMAG-Express is a motor design tool that instantly calculates unique motor characteristics in order to output design specifications to meet design requirements. As it uses the finite element method as a base, it is possible to account for detailed motor shapes and magnetic saturation at periods of high load.
Trial and error is the very nature of this kind of design work. By using the Parametric Study feature in JMAG-Express, the dimensions, materials, coil winding, and torque parameters of a design can be quickly incorporated. This enables a comparison of unique design characteristics and allows for the immediate testing of a designer’s ideas.
Changing parameter settings also allows JMAG-Express to be used, as is, to create general-purpose electromagnetic field analysis models for JMAG-Designer. Settings are automatically generated so that users do not have to learn new or complicated procedures. This leaves the user free to spend more time performing more analyses in greater detail.

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