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  1. Vibration Optimization of Concentrated Stator and IPM Rotor

    Alvin Lee, Emerson

  2. Simulation of the IPM motor in the HILS Environment

    Nobuyuki Suzuki, Toshiba Corporation

  3. Approach of electromagnetic-field analysis in digital AV equipment

    Hirotsugu Fusayasu, Panasonic Corporation

  4. Characteristics Improvement of Skewed Permanent-magnet Motors

    Kenji Endo, SIM-Drive Corporation

  5. Analysis of Permanent Magnet Eddy-current Loss Using JMAG-SuperExpress

    Shinsuke Kayano, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

  6. Design of Switched Reluctance Motor by JMAG for Automotive traction application

    Yusuke Makino, NIDEC CORPORATION

  7. Multiscale Noise and Vibration models for a Switched Reluctance-based drivetrain for EV and HEV

    Koen De Langhe, LMS International

  8. A System of Coordination With Analysis Engineers and the Successes That Follow

    Norihide Fujiyama, KOYO THERMO SYSTEMS CO.,LTD

  9. Development of the self fluxing alloy fusing process with the control system using the simulation

    Tomoji Osada, NIPPON THERMONICS Corporation.

  10. Effect of magnetic property on the accuracy of induction heating analysis

    Hiroshi Yuki, NTN Corporation

  11. Demagnetization Analysis Method using Dy Diffused Magnets and the Most Suitable Dy Diffusion Methods and their Effects for Motor Applications

    Mitsutoshi Natsumeda, Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

  12. A Case of Coupled Analysis of JMAG-RT and Circuit Simulator

    Hideki Ohguchi, Fuji Electric Co.,Ltd.

  13. Variable Characteristics Motors (Matrix motor and CMMF motor)

    Kan Akatsu, Shibaura Institute of Technology

  14. Voltage Boost Type Drive Circuit without Additional Reactor for Switched Reluctance Motor

    Nobukazu Hoshi, Tokyo University of Science

  15. Development of a Ferrite Permanent Magnet Axial Gap Motor with Segmented Rotor Structure

    Masatsugu Takemoto, Hokkaido University

  16. Development and design of a loudspeaker using JMAG-Designer

    Yoshihide Toyoshima, Onkyo Corporation

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