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  1. The introduction of JMAG-Designer Optimization problem, using modeFRONTIER Direct Interface.

    Seiji Nishita, CD-adapco JAPAN Co., LTD.

  2. Test and Analysis of Superconducting Electromagnetic Tornado Stirring System

    Hirofumi KASAHARA, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry

  3. Guidelines for Generating Mesh in Induction Heating Simulations

    Jun Iwanaga, JSOL Corporation

  4. Study of local heating on by IPB connection box and around metallic parts of large power transformer by 3-D Magnetic field analysis

    Hirokazu Hayashida,Japan AE Power Systems Corporation

  5. Thermal-demagnetization Analysis and Research on Physical Properties of Nd-Fe-B Sintered Magnets

    Dai Higuchi, Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

  6. The Newest Developments of Rare-earth Magnets

    Dai Higuchi, ShinEtsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

  7. Examples Utilizing JMAG

    Shunsuke Funaji,Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding co.,ltd

  8. Examination of an induction heating simulation using the B-H curve

    Takashi Horino,NETUREN CO.,LTD.

  9. Considerration of the Joule Loss in Windings for Power Reactor

    Tsutomu Hamada,Tamura Coporation

  10. Parametrizing the Coil Construction and Coupling Coefficients of Inverter Transformers in JMAG

    Masahiro Kitagawa,MINEBEA CO.,LTD

  11. Electromagnetic Field Analysis of a Giant Magnetostrictive Actuator Using JMAG

    Hisashi Yajima,Nobuhiro Fujiwara,Yoshikazu Tatsumi,Hiroyuki Wakiwaka, SMC Corporation/Shinshu University

  12. Modern Hardware-In-the Loop Simulation Technology for Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Vehicles

    Christian Dufour, OPAL-RT Technologies Inc.

  13. A study on analysis of PM stepping motor

    Kaoru Miyazaki, SANYO Seimitsu Co.,Limited

  14. Electromagnetic and Thermal Characterization of a Permanent-Magnet Tubular Machine using JMAG software

    VESE Ioama-Comelia, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

  15. Evaluation of the acoustic noise of DC permanent magnet motor

    Frank Hsieh, Chi-Hua Fitness Co.,Ltd.

  16. Large Torque and High Effectiency Permanent Magnet Reluctance Motor for A Hybrid Truck

    Masanori Arata, Toshiba Corporation

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